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Our Company

Our goal at ARM Technologies Electro Mechanical Tradingis to provide adequate, reliable and affordable energy to industries to enable them to provide continuous employment and low cost of goods and services, and to the ordinary citizen - to enable them to achieve a decent lifestyle. Energy should not only be produced and used in a manner that will promote sustainable development and utilization of the country's natural resources but at the same time contribute to the country's overall economic competitiveness and minimize negative environmental impacts.

Our Mission

To be at the forefront in providing innovative and energy efficient solutions that aim to save energy and achieve a cleaner environment.

Our Vision

To provide customers with readily available, innovative products and solutions that are reliable, competitively superior and energy efficient thus helping them save energy, cut losses and keeping the environment clean and safe.

Our Market

Renewable Energy


Building and Construction

Power and Energy

Water and Waste Water

Light and Heavy Industries

What We Do

ARM Technologies Electro Mechanical Trading.

Aims to HELP in saving energy by providing innovative solutions to customers in the manufacturing industry, residential and commercial buildings, water and electric utilities while reducing energy losses in electricity and natural gas supply. 

Who We Are

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